Monday, April 09, 2007

The weather was still pretty cold today, so I didn't do a whole lot out at the land. There is a spot where brambles and trees encroach on the pasture that I had to clear so that the fence can run through that spot. The hardest part was the locust tree that was leaning at 45 degree angle and blocking the way. The only tool I had to work with was a hand saw, but I managed to cut off a big chunk of the tree and haul it out of the way. Then I got to use my brand-new machete to hack down the raspberry and/or multiflora rose brambles in the area. That was fun. Now the area is clear enough to put the fence in.

Jefferson Landmark didn't have any leg bands, so if I want any I'll need to order them online, I guess. Several of the chicks are starting to grow out their tail feathers, and they're so cute with their little wedge-shaped tails. While I was out at the land, I collected a bucket full of fine gravel from the creek bank to give the chicks for grit. They seemed to like it.

The soil temperature has dropped low enough that all garden planting has been suspended for now.

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