Sunday, September 30, 2007

Meet the Herd

Here are our breeding does. Paul came up with the names, which are all related to the Boers in South Africa.

R1 Natalia "Tally"

R2 Swellendam

R3 Stella

R5 Ciskei

R6 Nieuw

R7 Transkei

R8 Bophuthatswana "Swana"

R9 Lyden

R10 Goshen


Tracy said...

Augh - I figure if I had an account I "respond" to your posts with, that means at some point I set up a Blogger account; and I should be able to activate my own blog. However, I have no idea which e-mail address/name/ID I used for that. I can set up a new one using my Google sign-in, but I don't want to duplicate.
Does it show you anything (when I post to you) about my blogger account other than "Tracy" ?

Mel said...

No, it just shows "Tracy," and when I click on it, it says that the profile is private.

You can try going through and asking it to email your login information to each address that you have. Assuming that you still have access to all of them, that should get you the username/password. Then you can sign in and convert to the new version that uses your google login.

Although, if you never made any posts, you may not feel like doing all of that.

Tracy said...

Well, I bet I'm driving some people crazy. I tried to "guess" at what my "blogspot" page would be named (some of the common screen names I use) and it keeps saying "mailed your password to you *.nu mail account" (or some such), which of course, is NOT ME. So all these people are getting random notices from blogspot while I try to figure out who I am :)