Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Barn Beginnings

Well, really more of a shed. Paul's parents are taking down the wood fence in their yard, and they've given us the panels and posts. The panels are approximately 6' X 8'. I plan to use the first four panels as the walls in a three stall barn. The back of the barn will be hog panels and the front will open out onto three separate paddocks. I plan to put a pole frame around the fence panels to support the roof. This will give me winter housing for up to three flocks of goats (yearling does, breeding does plus buck, and any kids or goats that need special treatment). For the winter, I would stack straw bales against the wire end of the barn to make it three-sided instead of two.

There will be more wood panels coming, so I'll either add more stalls or come up with something else to use them for.


Tracy said...

For the pole frame, you gonna use standard 4x4 (square) posts, or do you have some big poles (like old electric poles) to use?

Mel, Foxtail Farm said...

I only have one electric pole, so I'll have to use something else. Ideally, it would be locust poles, since they are naturally rot resistant.

Tracy said...

Oh - that's a good idea.

We have lots of locust trees growing, and there are several that Steven has 'marked' and trimmed to probably harvest for fence posts in another 3-5 years or so. So basically we're growing our own fence posts. Somehow I find that hilarious.