Thursday, March 18, 2010

March planting continued

Planted 64 lettuce seeds today. That would be one block. I am hoping there will be much salad eating this summer. I say this, because I have not had much luck with lettuce in Ohio, although it is probably in part to a backlog of old seeds I needed to get through. If we actually get a surplus, lettuce should be marketable; otherwise, what doesn't get eaten by us or sold at market should be greatly appreciated by the chickens.

Then I planted 432 onion seeds. At 9 seeds per square, that is a mere three blocks. Supposedly, these go from seed to bulb in one season. They are yellow sweet Spanish. Southern Exposure lists them at a 110 day maturity rate. Of course, my performance with onions has been more abysmal than lettuce. Other than scallions one year and garlic one other, the only things in genus allium that even come up is the crow garlic (decent for nibbling the greens [might be good in a salad], but not much use in cooking), which is everywhere. Anyway, assuming they do come up and reach harvestable size, what aren't eaten or sold can be dried or pickled. I've also heard good things about onion wine.

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Tracy said...

It is so great to see you blogging again, Mel! I hope you have a wonderful spring garden this year!