Friday, May 30, 2008

Flock Integration

"And it came to pass that the two great nations of fowl, the Anitadites and the Galluseans, met in battle on the plain. And there was much squawking and gnashing of beaks, for each knew that they would never reign supreme again."

Yes, tonight the ducks and layers were combined into one pen. The hens were offended by the large, boorish creatures in their house, while the ducks were terrified by the very idea of a house.


Tracy said...

That is a hilarious opening paragraph, Mel! I love it! :) Good luck with them getting acclimated to this new idea.

Mel said...

They seem to be settling in well. I also let the Wyandotte chicks out now that they're big enough to be contained by the netting. Some of them are pretty obviously roosters, as they're much larger than the others. One of the red hens tried to pick on one of the young cockerels, but he was having none of that. I've never seen a chicken so flabbergasted as that hen. The reds are used to picking on everyone else.