Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday 4 Aug

Melody finished the T-post edges and put in wood posts for the corners. I continued planting.

10.5 blocks of chervil (germ 18 Aug) (harv 7 Nov) Cold protection
7 blocks of kabocha squash (germ ?) (harv 7 Nov)
5 blocks of hubbard squash (germ 7 Aug) (harv 2 Nov)
2 blocks of dill (germ 11 Aug) (harv 3 Oct)
4 blocks of rutabaga (germ ?) (harv 7 Nov)
5 blocks of sunflower (germ 11 Aug) (harv 24 Nov) No chance
10 blocks of peas (germ 10 Aug) (harv 13 Oct)
6 blocks of sage (germ 11 Aug) (harv 23 Oct) Cold protection
12 blocks of eggplant (germ 9 Aug) (harv 23 Oct) Cold protection
6 blocks of chives (germ 11 Aug) (harv 3 Oct)

The sunflowers don't have a chance unless there is an exceptionally late first frost. It's kind of hard to put row covers on something that large. I intended to order a shorter season variety but got the wrong kind due to misreading the catalog number.

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