Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One more day

All that remains are buckwheat and half of the burgundy beans. Today I planted:

12 blocks of cauliflower (germ 23 Aug) (harv 15 Oct)
8 blocks of wax bean (germ 20 Aug) (harv 10 Oct)
6 blocks of crookneck squash (germ 21 Aug) (harv 5 Oct)
14 blocks of straightneck squash (germ 26 Aug) (harv 5 Oct)
4 blocks of burgundy beans (germ 19 Aug) (harv 5 Oct)
3 blocks of cucumber (germ 20 Aug) (harv 5 Oct)

I have eight blocks of extra space between the burgundy beans and cucumbers. I will plant extra blocks of burgundy beans if I have enough extra seed. Otherwise, I will poke around my old seed stash and see what I can do to fill the empty blocks.

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