Monday, August 07, 2006

Time to finish the fence

Today's planting:

13.5 blocks of soybean (germ ?) (harv 31 Oct) Cold protection
7 blocks of pumpkin (germ ?) (harv 20 Nov)
8 blocks of muskmelon (germ 10 Aug) (harv 31 Oct)
6 blocks of radicchio (germ 14 Aug) (harv 31 Oct) Cold protection
7 blocks of celery (germ 28 Aug) (harv 31 Oct) Cold protection
4 blocks of chile pepper (germ 15 Aug) (harv 21 Oct) Cold protection
14 blocks of corn (germ 14 Oct) (harv 29 Oct)

On my paperwork, I have the pumpkin listed as 85 days, but the seed packet I received from Johnny Seeds says 105 days.

The following crops have germinated:

Brussels sprouts (2 days early)
Quinoa (on time)
Tepary bean (on time)
Hubbard squash (on time)

I had to stop early today due to rain. The next item to plant is oregano, and the seeds are microscopic. There was no way I could do that in the rain.

According to a neighbor (old guy in a chevy S-10) there was a flock of turkeys in my garden the other night. With things starting to sprout now, finishing the fence is a greater priority than before. Not that it will really keep turkeys and deer out, but I hope that it will at least deter them.

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