Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wednesday 9 Aug

A little out of date. Let's see if I can remember everything:

3 blocks of potato *
18 blocks of kale (germ 12 Aug) (harv 28 Sep)
4 blocks of scallion (germ 16 Aug) (harv 13 Oct)
6 blocks of serrano peppers (germ 19 Aug) (harv 23 Oct) Cold protection
6 blocks of butternut squash (germ 16 Aug) (harv 23 Oct)
6 blocks of spaghetti squash (germ 19 Aug) (harv 21 Oct)

The potatoes were all from my premature potato harvest in Arizona. They were too small and bitter to eat and probably wouldn't have lasted until the spring planting. I don't know whether they'll actually come up or just rot in the ground.

Also, this day Jerry Stackhouse from up the road came down and tilled another acre for me. I got a better price, for more area, and he did two passes in less time than Scott took for one. It helps to have the right equipment for the job (a tractor with a tiller rather than a push tiller). I will plant this field with a half acre each of wheat and rye.

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